A new car, or new lease of life?

Metaphorically speaking, your car represents how you move through life. My cars have always accumulated “junk,” useless things and general rubbish so to speak. I’ve always made excuses of not having time to clean them or sort them.

At the beginning of March, after being parked on the drive, stationary for a while, my car got “stuck” and broke down. Rescue and recovery took it, parked it at their compound overnight in order to transport it to my selected garage in the morning.

It didn’t make it. Because in this “secure” compound one of their own trucks “tail” smashed through the wing of my car. Ripped the side and I’m sure there was damage underneath…few days before we were to return to school.

I took the call when I visited school in lockdown, shocked not only at what happened, also how I was going to get a new car and on some level what was this representing? What signs was the Universe giving me?

I was offered either the market value of the car, or they would repair it. I sort of knew I wasn’t having it back, not after the state it was in. However, until I knew how I was going to get a new car, or what I was going to buy I really couldn’t get my act together. I was given a courtesy car in the meantime.

Having grown up in a narcissistic, mysoginistic , egotistical, controlling environment, I was conditioned and exposed to certain beliefs. Cars must be family cars, large, at least 1.8 litres and only certain cars are “good” and even though I am much older now, certain family members would still dictate what car they thought was good for me. Furthermore, because they would have “recommended” the car, or would come and “check” it out and tell me if it was okay to buy, there was a certain sense they had a “right” over it, and they would service it themselves and they “knew” what was best for me. I was moving through life carrying this baggage.

Energy speaks. So what goes on in our lives, the Universe gives us signals in the physical manifest world. The people at the compound, when they had pulled my car apart to fix it, showed me the car had been involved in a previous accident! Which I was not aware of. The impact bar was damaged and the bottom of the radiator had been smashed up through impact by a great force. I brought it like this. So I had been driving around in a previously damaged and smashed up car …”hidden wounds?!” Unbeknown to me!

Looking at the subtle signs, using my intuition it was time to “undo” all this excess baggage and beliefs I had been absorbing and carrying.

It was time to become empowered, to make my own decisions. I took five days over Easter, driving around and looking at lots of different cars (I asked my cousin some technical questions, which was useful and informative, rather than imposing). I test drove as many cars as I could.

The only way I could “undo” the beliefs, the patterning and conditioning, was to create my own experiences, new ones.

I ended up buying a good quality car, from a main dealer, full service history and features that I wanted, without anyone else involved in the decision making process. In the future, they will service it, I’ll keep receipts and evidence of all work done on it. No more feeding other peoples egos. I will do this my way.

I felt empowered.

No-one was “disempowering” me, manipulating my decision or knocking my self confidence. I felt free of previous conditioning and beliefs that didn’t belong to me.

I now finally move though life with “comfort, style and luxury.”

What is the Universe drawing your attention to?

What new experiences do you need to create, to “undo” previous ones that don’t serve you?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I’d love to hear your comments or stories if you relate to this.

Wishing you all the best on your journey,

Amy Jeetley (@amyjeetley)


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