I am remarkable

I just completed this workshop with @Ethical_Leader . It was very powerful. It made me reflect on a number of things. One key thing is that we don’t tend do promote ourselves. It made me realise there is lots that I do, however, I’ve not captured it.

If I don’t know what I have done, how am I expected anyone else to know?

If I can’t articulate my evidence and impact (some may be quantitative, others qualitative), how will anyone else

The concept is so simple yet how many of us do a really good job day in day out, supporting colleagues, students, parents and do much else and hope that someone will notice this when applying for a promotion.

People are far too busy creating the next moment, the next project to notice anything unless it is brought to their attention.

When Hannah asked to reflect on things that make us remarkable, starting with the words “I am remarkable because…” believe it or not, it poured out of me. Yet, the statements were not related to my work, my certificates, my courses or anything like that.

They were related to how I have overcome a traumatic, challenging life. How I trained as an Advanced Energy Field healer with @suezange, I have transformed and healed myself. I have gone from having a closed wounded heart 18 years ago to having an open heart and from being unable to sit still for 2 minutes without crying, to being able to meditate regularly and for 40 mins even up, to an hour if needed.

I use the energy skills toolbox of regular meditation, Qi gong style breathing and visualisation techniques to ensure my personal space is kept clear, to ensure my vibration is high, which is healing and transformative wherever I go.

I am remarkable because I work at that every single day. That is something you can’t quantify or put a price on… yet the results and impact are visible.

What makes you remarkable?


Photo by Jonas Kakaroto from Pexels


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