Holding the light

Today, 4th February 2021, the relentless journey is coming to an end and signifying the start of a new life. Not for me. For my brother. The relentless support, where my faith was tested at every turn. Yet I kept hope, faith and light in my heart. It was always there. Days when I was on my knees and thought I couldn’t cope. There was the voice inside my heart that said …”yes you can.” My heart continued to pour love, light and faith where my head would just pound, and frazzle and disorder, and my heart would whisper “shall we bring this to order?”

It brings tears of relief, of joy, of release. It brings the knowing that peace will now reveal itself.

Being a beacon of light for a dear loved one, holding the faith, and hope for those who are going through inner turmoil and feel like giving up is never easy.

My dear Mother taught me to do what’s right, to follow the path of truth and doing this is never easy but it’s definitely worth it.

Mum, I held the faith, the light, the hope and the strength you taught me. I hope I have made you proud.

With love

Amy Jeetley.

Faith moves mountains and clears paths.

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