Joy…by Amy Jeetley



Joy is an act of heart. We know this because when we experience joy, the passion, love, excitement and enthusiasm will just flow out of us. It is hard to contain. The opposite of joy is sorrow. These are times when our hearts may be in need of more tender love and care. We may seek these from another, or maybe self care can heal us.

In either case, we should understand our energies will ebb and flow on a day to day basis. At the moment, there may be some extremes to these ebbs and flows. However, it is important that we find things, experience things and connect to things that will make our heart sing , open and flow.

It is through an open heart we feel joy, happiness and healing. Even if you are self isolating and are on your own, please do not underestimate the power of joy. It is uplifting, it is a high vibration, a higher resonance which feeds your soul, your family, your community and global community.

So I ask you to reflect:

1. What makes your heart sing?

2. What makes your heart overflow with love?

3. Share one thing in the current climate that brings you. (#JoyIs)

The heart does not see big or small. It just experiences joy.

Things that bring me immense joy is being grateful for having my own home since September 2019. For spending time in my garden where my flowers are blooming, even if half of them are lopsided because I didn’t plant the bulbs deep enough! I’m finding joy in starting to cook again, so that I nurture and nourish myself. I found joy today when I gave my Aunt a virtual tour of my house. Having overhauled all the food and tins in my kitchen …I find joy in opening my pantry 6 times a day to see how lovely and organised it looks!

The heart does not see big or small. It just feels joy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Please share what brings you joy.

Wishing you a joyful heart💕

Amy Jeetley



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