Self care…self worth…self esteem by Amy Jeetley


Somehow these are all interlinked. Self esteem is having confidence in one’s own abilities. How about if your confidence has been knocked as it is has been, of late, for many of us? No doubt this will affect your self worth … and what do we have a tendency to do if our self worth is affected? We try and do things that will improve our self worth which involves putting ourselves out there to do things that prove this. We will make sure our friends and family are okay, do the shopping and at times put ourselves at risk. It is human nature. What ultimately suffers is our own self care.

In these challenging times it is so important to now put self care at the top of the priority list. Lives matter. People matter. YOU matter. Regardless of your beliefs, we all have a purpose in life and it is painful to hear that the Gift of Life is being taken prematurely in these times.

The message is clear. You have a lot to offer to your family, your community, your work, and play a collective part in a global community. In particular, educators, teachers, leaders, carers, medical staff find it very hard to practise self care, so ways and means need to be found to ensure this is done.

Bearing this in mind, I would like you to reflect on:

1. Are you giving yourself the compassion, kindness and care you are showing others?

2. If not, why not? What is stopping you?

3. What one thing can you change so you can do this.

“Self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.” Katie Reed

There are many things that can be done for physical care e.g. exercise, pampering, reading, TV/films. For emotional and mental care, using technology to catch up with friends, families, loved ones. What about inner peace? How do you bring calm to the constant bombardment from media, what’s app, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram? There will be a constant stream of these energies that we will be experiencing day in day out causing an underlying ripple of unrest. So, it is important to find the inner peace, to bring calm to yourself. As part of your self care routine find a few minutes a day, every day of quiet, calm time to sit and experience the stillness and silence. For it is from the silence the answers will come, as will peace. Reconnect to yourself, your inner being and the strength that lies within. It will increase your capacity to be patient, to care, to love and be loved.

Wishing you all inner peace and self care.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please let me know how you get on @amyjeetley

Amy Jeetley



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