Personal energy management skill #PedagooHampshire18

Are you managing your own energies or someone else’s?

Last year, 3750 teachers were off sick due to stress, anxiety and mental illness. That’s one in 83! (Guardian, 2017).  Could some of the stress have been managed in a different way so teachers did not need to take time off or reach a point of ill health?

Every day we deal with different people, places, we move in time – projecting forwards, reflecting the past. We also are bombarded with a list of tasks, projects from every angle. Some of these will serve us, some don’t and at times this all comes at a very fast pace with no space in between.

As a result, do you sometimes feel quite overwhelmed? Stressed? Irritable? Chaotic or out of “control” (command)?

Everything is energy. Science tells us that. Every day, there are “invisible” energy transactions that we encounter, that can lead to feeling stressed, chaotic and out of command of our lives.

In this session, you will be intrigued with the world of subtle “invisible” energies and how they influence us on a daily basis. Join Amy Jeetley and…

  • Discover what happens to us when we become over busy
  • Learn what causes us to be stressed, chaotic and over-burdened
  • Recognise how these states can lead to ill health
  • Practise and apply simple techniques to cleanse, clear, manage and restore your energies and personal space
  • Gain insight into a new way of living daily life with more energy, focus, drive and improved wellbeing.

Enjoy a guided mediation session lead by Amy, to restore you to calm and peace!

I am looking forward to spending time with you in this session, and more importantly, a newer, restored and healthier you. See you soon at #PedagooHampshire2018 on 15th September 2018.

Best wishes

Amy Jeetley






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